Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ulan Bator

We’ve been here for a couple of days now and the first thing I noticed was the absence of the humid heat that I’ve been in almost constantly since I was in northern Australia in late April. It’s warm here but it’s a dry warmth, so I don’t get tired as quickly.

We’ve explored some of the city which has a large square in the centre with a huge statue of Genghis Khan at one end.

Tomorrow we set off on a four day tour into the Bulgan province where we will travel by jeep, camel, and horse, staying with nomadic families in their gers. We’ll visit the ruins of monastry and a swan lake, and learn how to milk goats. This tour is organised through an eco-friendly organisation called Ger-to-Ger.


  1. Looking forward to seeing pics of gers and goats!

  2. Phew Another visa challenge resolved!
    Enjoy yourselves and beware the fermented mare's milk.