Sunday, February 14, 2010


The ship drew into the port of Napier just a few hours ago. I managed to catch a flu while in Wellington and have spent most of the day resting in my cabin, even sleeping through lunchtime. But I have summoned the strength to leave the ship and find an internet cafe in town.

Traveling on the ship is a strange experience. It feels like I'm in a foreign country because all the signs are in German and nobody on board speaks English that well but they all speak it a little. But then we come into port and suddenly I'm in familiar New Zealand again. Then back to the ship and it seems I'm in a foreign land again. I guess it prepares me for future travels when I really will be in foreign lands, but in those cases I won't have momentary returns to NZ! I have, however, settled in now and am enjoying the experience.


  1. Don't worry too much about the German but do listen out for anyone yelling "Verlassen Sie bitte Schiff!".

  2. Hy Simo, I'm Juri and now I'm in Kathmandu, by land from Italy.
    Can you tell me how do you booked on Msc Basel?
    Thanks in advance