Saturday, February 13, 2010

Still Docked

Gale force winds have meant that we haven't left Wellington yet, which is great because it means I get to spend more time with my girlfriend who lives here. When I went back to the ship this morning to check the situation, I was nearly blown away into the sea! Shore leave has been extended to 8pm, with expected departure at 11pm. 

I haven't yet uploaded any photos onto the blog because I'm having a problem transferring them from my camera to my laptop. Getting that problem fixed may have to wait until I arrive in Australia.


  1. Winds are affecting the Coast to Coast race here as well, no kayaking down the Waimakariri, I've watched them paddle the Avon instead!

    Is the time and date stamp on your blog not changeable? As I believe I am reading you a day behind and the hours don't seem right either.

    BTW, what is the level of English like with both the Eastern Europeans, the Kiribati, and the German Captain? Any more delving into the division?

  2. English is not too good amongst any of them except for the German captain.
    I was wondering about the time and date on my blog too. I'll look into changing when I have more time.