Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Ghan part 1

This famous train trip runs between Adelaide and Darwin. I’ve done the first part of it from Adelaide to Alice Springs. I’m staying in Alice for a week that includes a three-day tour of Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) and some other sites and then I will get back aboard the Ghan to go to Darwin. Incidentally, its good to be heading north again, which is my intended direction. Since Brisbane, I’ve been heading south-westerly which is not really the way to England!

The first part of the train trip took about 25 hours and it was great to see some of the outback landscape. Apparently it has had much more rain than usual and so is more green than usual, but I still saw a lot of red desert-like earth. The Ghan railway line was first conceived in 1877 but much of the line was washed away by rain several times over the years. they finally figured out by 2004 where to put the line so that it would last. Its named after the Afghan cameleers who were early explorers of the centre of Australia.

The poster above isn’t actually for the Ghan but I just liked it. Below is some of what I saw.

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  1. The Ghan is a train service which operates in Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin, the train also makes a stop at Katherine. The new railway connection of Alice spring and Darwin is a good step for making travel to the region easier and more convenient. The rail link will allow for more freight to travel through the region.