Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Red Centre

On the first day of this three-day tour of Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) and other sites nearby, I was picked up by the tour bus at 6am in the morning. Uluru national park is over 400 km from Alice Springs and with stops it was nearly NINE HOURS later that we arrived. The age-range of the group is about the same as before, that is, most of them are in their early twenties. This time, however, they don’t seem to be annoying me so much. Perhaps being more prepared has made me more tolerant. Still though, they are pretty annoying and ignorant. Two girls sitting in front of me thought it was HILARIOUS to play with rubber lizards. I think they were either on drugs or mentally retarded. The driver though is pretty entertaining, but a bit manic.

We took a walk around Katja Tjuta (the Olgas), a group of rocks that are smaller than Uluru but still spectacular. They were amazing and here are some photos.

Then we went to Uluru to see it during sunset.

This Is What You Want

This Is What You Get

At night, many people chose to sleep under the stars in swag. Remembering what happened to Azaria Chamberlain, however, - who knows if dingos/ Lindy might be around - I elected to sleep in a cabin.

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