Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Russian visa headaches

Change of plan for trying to get a visa to Russia. Further research has led me to believe that it would not be any easier trying to get it from the Russian consulate in Beijing. And couriering all the paperwork back to New Zealand is complicated, costly, and time-consuming. So I am falling back on one of the other options, namely getting it from the Russian consulate in Hong Kong. Apparently they are much easier to deal with and they will give visas to non-China residents and those like me on tourist visas to China of only 30 days. Before jumping on a train to Hong Kong, however, I am trying to find someone in Hong Kong who I could send my paperwork to and for them to take it into the Russian consulate. I've checked with the consulate and it is not necessary for the applicant to apply in person. I've contacted some travel agents to see if they would do it for me but no luck so far. A friend is contacting his friends in Hong Kong to also ask. Does anyone reading this blog have a trustworthy contact in Hong Kong who might be willing to receive my documents and spend an hour or two taking them into the Russian consulate and then couriering them back to me in Shanghai? If so please email me at . I'd pay all costs of course and will additionally reward for their time. This is pretty urgent so if I don't hear of anyone in the next day I will have to get on the train to HK myself.

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  1. hey simon
    I contacted three people I know who come and go in Hong Kong but no luck as yet with anyone who can connect up with a person there who can help. One good candidate left but haven't heard from them as yet.
    Good luck