Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Brisbane, city of rain.

I’m at the end of my stay in Brisbane and here are a few facts about the city:

1. It rains a lot. Four or five days of constant rain. I’ve never seen so much of it. I’ve lived in Auckland where it rains a bit and been to London where it also rains, but Brisbane takes the record. At least now whenever Australians hassle me about NZ weather I can mention Brisbane.

2. There is a beach in the middle of the city. Artificially created of course but there is sand and a bit of water to swim in. Unfortunately it rained so constantly that I never got a chance to sit on the sand or swim in the water.

3. There are river taxis you can catch and from which you can enjoy views of the city. Can’t really enjoy this when it’s raining though, which is ALL THE TIME.

4. It is close to Surfer’s Paradise, which I went to but didn’t really enjoy because of the rain. See earlier post.

5. The cultural centre - containing two art galleries, a museum, and the state library - is a good place to go to when it is raining. You may get wet getting there though.

6. There is a casino in the old Treasury building. This is something to do when it rains. I didn’t but I thought it was funny that the treasury is now a casino.

7. Fortitude Valley is the main nightspot with bars and clubs, though its difficult to get round when it is wet, and that is (have I mentioned this?) almost ALL THE TIME.


  1. The reason Richard is still at home and not back in Queensland is the rainy season. I suspect that it is an over generalisation to say it rains all the time when you have coincided with the time of year it is most likely to be raining. The City Cat are nice to see things from though.

  2. Is Simon upset about all the rain because he didn't pack his rain coat?

  3. I hope you don't go to India during the Monsoon! You probably won't like that either. Hope you are having a great trip so far.

  4. Brisbane is a nice city but does get the odd bit of heavy, tropical rain (bucket loads), especially during the wet season (this is in fact why it is called the wet season). I wish it would stop raining around Moranbah so I can get out there and do some work. If you head up to Darwin soonish, you will probably encounter even more heavy tropical rain, especially as you move further into the tropics. Have fun and stay dry.

  5. what's the weather like in brisbane?