Saturday, March 6, 2010

Totally, like, awesome

I'm in Sydney now and instead of the usual tourist sites I thought I'd bring you some unusual ones. I visited the Powerhouse Museum where there is an exhibition about 1980s culture. While reminiscing about the music I listened to (though where were Frankie Goes to Hollywood?) and the films I watched in that decade, a group of very loud and out of control school children came through. When they discovered a room that re-created the mood of an 80s nightclub, they went completely mental. Not just usual childish-high-spirits mental, but screaming-like-in-a-riot mental. Here's the proof in a brief video clip I shot. (It's an AVI file which can be viewed on most computers I hope.)

P.S. Can anyone guess the song that's playing? Title and artist please.

Here are a couple of other pictures: an Atari video game (I spent hundreds of hours on one of these) and a giant Rubik's cube.


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  2. Kristen was right but can anyone else guess? I've removed the answer for now.

  3. Are you saying that nightclubs aren't like that anymore? Jeez, I should get out more...