Monday, March 1, 2010


A non-travel-related blog entry, just for a change. For some time I've been interested in communication difficulties, partly because of professional interest (I'm a university lecturer). I think it was poet Philip Larkin who said that if we realised how seldom we are understood by those we talk to, we'd hardly ever make the effort. Probably too strong, but I think misunderstandings are more pervasive than we think. Anyway, the reason I thought of this is because I came across this cartoon today I liked, so I took a photo of it. (Hopefully my blog entries are clear.)


  1. Just found your blog thanks to google alerts. I love your plan to get from one side of the earth to the other without flying. I did a overland trip in 2008 from Singapore to Scotland which was great fun. I've recently launched a website called which might interest you as I've put in loads of details about our overland trip. Its also got some useful links on it for travelling by cargo ship.

    Have a great trip.


  2. Thanks, I've joined your site. Still looking for a way from Aussie to Asia!

  3. Hi Simon, we are following your progress. Just trying to sort out how to get this comment to you - once we have we'll write more!! Liz and Chris Sides