Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterday I felt well enough to travel so left the island of Tao to Chumphon, just an hour and a half by boat. From Chumphon I was intending to go to the train station and catch the 12.46pm train to Bangkok but there were buses at the dock going to Bangkok so it was easier to get on of them. The bus trip was a fairly comfortable seven hour journey. Most of the other passengers were western tourists who all probably had a better time on Tao than I did.

I spent the day today looking at wats in Bangkok - Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, and Wat Pho. A tuk-tuk driver took me on a tour for a very cheap price. I think the idea was that I was supposed to buy things at shops he took me to in between wats, but there was no pressure and I thought it a worthwhile service rather than a scam.

A reclining buddha statue in Wat Pho. Those are his toes nearest the camera.

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