Monday, June 14, 2010

Hat Yai

Made it across the border and through the deep south okay and am now in the relatively safe province of Songkhla. Crossing the border was easy. There were plenty of vehicles going through and only a few people on foot like me. I got my passport stamped in one building for leaving Malaysia, crossed over a bridge that seems to mark the border, and got my passport stamped in another building to enter Thailand.

I walked to the train station and only had to wait an hour for one that was heading north. There were soldiers with guns patrolling the station and the train but it felt pretty safe - none of the locals seemed at all worried. I think lonely planet have overstated the danger in this case.

Tomorrow I'll visit a nearby beach and then the day after that I'll continue my journey north towards Bangkok.

Postscript: the 'nearby beach' was Songkhla where I got some entertaining photos:


  1. Good that you are through safely-now you know how the Berliners felt when going through Checkpoint Charlie!

  2. Has the latest earthquake affected your travel plans?

    Love the blog - keep it up!

  3. I hope you found somewhere to watch the soccer match (note the 'the' soccer match!). One of the Australian newspapers described it as a victory for 'Australasia' - truly!

    Best wishes,

  4. Erik, er... what earthquake? Time for me to check the news...