Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Heading for Tallinn

I'm on board a ferry in port in Helsinki. It's 9.22pm (on 28 September) and in eight minutes we'll be setting off for Tallinn, Estonia which will take about one and a half hours. Free wi-fi on the ferry!

We seem to be moving already and it's 9.25pm. Since when does any form of public transport leave early?

I enjoyed Helsinki. Most people spoke fluent English so it was the easiest place to communicate with people than I've found in a long time. It made a nice rest before heading to the Baltic nations where I'll probably be back to charades and occasional phrases from my guidebook. I'm a bit tired of sight-seeing so in Helsinki I mainly relaxed and read. I did see in the city square a UN-sponsored bit of artwork called 'Buddy Bears' consisting of statues of bears, one for each country, each painted to reflect the culture of its respective nation. Here is New Zealand's.

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