Sunday, September 26, 2010


Made it to Finland without any problems. Throughout the journey in Russia, I had registered my visa at any city in which I stayed for more than 72 hours - as required by authorities - and I even registered a few times in places where I was there for less than that. I had carefully collected all these registrations and my used train tickets to give to Russian immigration officials as I left the country. And what happens? They didn't even look at them. Just stamped my passport and that was it.

Helsinki seems nice.


  1. Same! How ridiculous the registering system is if they're not even going to care. Might have to paste them in a scrapbook to make it worthwhile. Got a full x-ray scan on the way through customs at the airport though. What was the wait like for customs and immigration via train?

  2. The wait wasn't too long. The officials seemed to be mainly focusing on Russians entering Finland maybe thinking they might be trying to stay there. My NZ passport got me swiftly in with no hassles.

  3. Clearly you don't look like a criminal ... Experience has taught me that if you arrive at Heathrow at certain times (ie when a flight comes in from the third world) the customs officials will ignore you too ...