Sunday, September 26, 2010

Progress so far

Here's an updated map that shows my path all the way from Lyttelton (NZ) to Helsinki with the huge area covered by the Trans-Mongolian. It's only a short way to my destination in England (note that's what the 'Finish' means, not Finnish).


  1. Very, very impressive-have you worked out the mileage?

    What was the "hardship score" on the Mongolian section, and the Russian section?

  2. Suspect the hardship scores will start to decline, though watch out in Eastern Europe for pickpockets ...

  3. In Mongolia, the three-night trip to the desert staying in Gers gets an endurance rating of 8 especially for the camel and horse rides.

    For the Russian section from Ulan Ude to Moscow, the endurance rating is only 5 - it wasn't difficult really. As long as one has something to read and music to listen to on the trains, it's fine.