Monday, September 20, 2010

Sculpture Park

16 September
After the fall of communism, many towns and cities wanted to get rid of the statues from that period of Russia's history. A lot of them got gathered together into a park in Moscow. There we saw lots of Lenins and a few Stalins and Marxs and other soviet figures.

Marx and me

Quite a few people have had a go at this statue of Stalin, including breaking off his nose. In the background you can see another sculpture of many faces behind bars which I assume is in memory of Stalin's millions of victims.

Stalin, Kristen, and Lenin


  1. I think you are being presumptuous to pose yourselves amongst great individuals of the revolution and communist era. I think you're impostors, especially since I know Simon's feelings on totalitarian regimes! ;-p

  2. Notice that I am standing only with Marx, who cannot be held responsible for the atrocities that were committed in his name. Kristen is with Stalin and Lenin. (Actually I think we did take a picture of me with them as well but ignore that!)