Thursday, November 25, 2010

Distance covered

I've made a rough calculation of the distance I've covered, and I do mean rough - I used a pocket atlas and measured distances with a piece of paper.

The distance from Tauranga to Brisbane on the freighter ship I found out was 2654 km. My other travels from Lyttelton to Tauranga and traveling around Australia were about 8,000km. So from Lyttelton to Darwin with the traveling around Australia came to about 10,700km.

From Bali to Beijing, it was 9,000km. The Trans-Mongolian from Beijing to Moscow is 7865km.

From Moscow to Harwich I calculated that I covered about 4,100km.

10,700 + 9000 + 7865 + 4100

The end result? 31,665 kilometres. Since it's a rough calculation, let's call it 32,000 km.

I've just found a computer programme where I can draw lines on a map and measure distances that way so I'll give it a go and see if I can come up with a more accurate calculation.


  1. Do you need to get your oil changed before your engine seizes? ;-p

    Can you also calculate your average speed over the trip for us?

  2. 8000 km more and you've gone circumference of the earth. Well done!
    4.86 kph. That is a pretty good pace. 6.48 kph if you allow for sleep. That is almost at a jog. Lets say 7 Kph for eating and sleep 4.3495 mph is a good walking pace. You could have walked the whole way if you didn't stop to see the sites.

  3. Any comment on train trips-you had a good variety-which were the best, worst?

  4. Steve (spike91nz) is right, nearly 5 kph or about 118 km per day on average. (32,000km divided by 270 days approx.)

    Another stat: average duration per city/town. I went to 80 of them, so 270 days divided by 80 gives about three and a third days per place.

    Jinx: One of the best train trips for scenery was from Melaka to Kota Bharu through the centre of Malaysia. The jungle there was amazing, thick vegetation one minute and sheer cliffs the next, also mountains and lakes. It really sticks out in my memory.
    The Ghan through the centre of Australia was also great.
    Other than that, they seem pretty similar. There's always something interesting to see out the window and interesting people to (try to) talk to if one wants - or just listen to music and watch the land go by.

  5. Lauri: Yes I do need an oil change. One of my Achilles' heels has been sore for a month, a shoulder aches, and I have bed bug bites on my thighs.