Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just arrived!

The ferry has just pulled into Harwich port, which means.......

I did it!

Around the World in Flightless Ways!*

* Or, more accurately for the pedants: Around the world in the sense of going from one side to the other, not all the way around, in mostly flightless ways with the sole exception being one short one-hour plane ride.


  1. Congratulations! As I said, some decent French wine awaits your arrival in London tomorrow ...

    Will be running some errands in the morning, as I'm guessing it will take you about three hours to get here from Harwich, but send me a text or email when you're en route.

  2. hey Simon - I've been reading your blog since the beginning - a truly inspiring adventure- it is hard work travelling, especially by yourself, but I'm sure you will look back at this time with such pleasure.

    i wonder how it has changed you?

    well done sir!

  3. And I can't get how the ferry ride from Holland to Harwich, which was ultra smooth when I did it about a decade ago, made you queasy after surviving the Tasman sea, Dengue Fever, losing your wallet, Mongolian Yak's milk, Eastern European food, Thai backpacker food and everything else (in the correct order) ...

    Must be a fantastic sense of achievement. And probably strange to see signs in English again, after a while ...

  4. Oh Simon, that is fantastic! You are a wonder. That wine is going to taste so good...


  5. Fantastic achievement-most people dream of it, you DID it!

    The adventure will play in your mind for all time.

    We are very proud.

    Chill out, enjoy an English pub!

  6. Well done Simon! Now find somewhere to put your feet up and relax. What now?

  7. So if you are coming back... are you flying? And which way around the world? Back-tracking or completing the circuit?

    Congratulations, you deserve the title "Intrepid Traveller"!